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Building Community

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Campus-Wide Breaking Bread

These lunch or dinner occasions gather about 100 faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students to share personal experiences regarding potentially divisive campus and national issues and events.  Each table of eight to ten participants is facilitated to promote understanding across lines of difference.  Campus-Wide Breaking Bread events are convened by the University Diversity Officers.  Past event themes include: civility and free speech, religious diversity, issues of policing, and national politics.

Dining with Diverse Minds

The student organization, Cornell Minds Matter, regularly hosts themed, facilitated dinner discussions featuring a guest speaker or panel presentation.  Past topics have included the needs of student veterans on campus, openness to the autism spectrum, activism and burnout, and other themes related to mental health, wellness, and self care.

Breaking Bread

Convened by the Dean of Students, these dinners typically bring together two groups who have had little experience with each other, or may have faced campus conflicts with each other.  These dinners generally involve 12 to 20 people specifically invited to develop some understanding of each other.  Various student of color communities have met with campus safety and with the campus press; Greek letter groups have met with other Greek organizations; Jewish and Muslim students have dined with each other and with other affinity groups.